As its very name suggests, Iberian Origin offers a number of Spanish origin food products, from the province of Almería, with the recognised quality that is offered due to its tradition in cultivation, years of experience and greenhouse technology. These factors are responsible for obtaining in this region products and produce which are demanded and consumed worldwide. The company is located in a strategic geographic region, in the largest agricultural holding worldwide and with over 30,000 hectares of greenhouses. Our municipality is the region with the highest number of hours of sunshine in Europe and meets the suitable climatic conditions for obtaining high yield and high quality products. Having an experienced team with expertise in this business, knowledge of the products and cultivation, proximity to farmers and producers. This enables us to sell to our customers fresh fruit and vegetables of the highest quality at a good price.

Our product range includes has cucumbers, peppers/capsicums, eggplants, zucchinis, tomatoes, watermelons and melons.


Throughout the production area, the latest technologies are combined with a traditional and healthy method for cultivating and producing our products, ensuring all warranties as regards origin, quality and handling thereof, which entails their compliance with the strict quality certificate requirements such as QS, GRASP, GLOBALGAP, Integrated Production of Andalusia, BRC Food and IFS Food.

Our company's scope of work is comprehensive. We are sector professionals, from the harvest of the product until its sale. Working from different perspectives, cultivating, attending public auctions and the use of external suppliers. Knowing the market in origin which enables us to move in the right direction at any given moment.


Traceability commences with the visit of the experts to the farmers' field to verify that the standards for traceability standards of all the fresh products are met.

The harvested product arrives within a few hours at the facilities where the item is identified under the quality certification and food safety standards. Then promptly, careful selection and packaging is made in order to obtain a final product of great quality and presentation. The products are then immediately moved into cold storage and a pre-cooling tunnel, where they are kept at the right temperature to ensure optimum product conservation until the time of loading, which will occur within a few hours. That is why the time elapsed from the harvesting until the product reaches the final consumer is minimal, thus ensuring the greatest degree of freshness and quality.

During storage, the products are separated into batches according to specifications and sizes. Each packaging has its labelling specifying the R.I.A number, product origin, size, category etc ... depending on client specifications.

Finally, during the loading of the products onto the trucks and prior to leaving for the client's premises, a final product quality verification will be undertaken.


  • This variety has a violet or black skin. Its shape is cylindrical, oval and elongated. Its flesh is white and its texture is fluffy.

  • It is a variety of mature tomato with heart shape that stands out for its tempting red color, good size and especially for its long life. It is the usual fruit in supermarkets and fruit shops thinking to handle the transport well.

  • Its collection can be done in green, red and yellow. Square and uniform in color smooth shiny and fleshy skin, with three or four helmets. Suitable for consumption in fresh or cooked, directed mainly to international markets.

  • The tomato in branch is a variety that conserves better its qualities. Usually present in bunch or bouquet. It is a type of tomato smaller, of a red color, skin of average thickness and very juicy. It is again in great demand and is exported, especially to Germany, where it is sold in delicatessen shops.

  • It has a high water content, contains vitamin E and natural oils, and is one of the best remedies for external skincare. It aids weight loss due to its 95% water content and its low calorific value, which is less than 20 calories per 100 g of product.

  • The main feature is its elongated and oblong shape. Plum tomato is the preferred for the preparation of canned tomatoes. It is also one of the most popular summer tomatoes for making cold soups. The plum tomato is a fleshy, sweet, tasty tomato with a very fine skin. Also ideal to make fried tomatoes, to eat in salad and to spread on the bread.

  • Zucchini is a low-calorie vegetable thanks to its high water content. In addition, it contains fiber that exerts a satiety effect. For this reason it is considered an ideal food in weight control diets.

  • It is characterized by being a larger pepper. Its collection can be done in green, red and yellow. Rectangular and uniform in color. Your skin is consistent and fleshy. Suitable for consumption in fresh or cooked. Mainly aimed at the Mediterranean markets for its flavor.